Advanced Future Smartphones

You think your brand new smartphone is the coolest, fastest and most advanced piece of technology on the market, but you haven’t seen anything yet! Keep in mind that new devices are released everyday, and it won’t be long until your phone becomes a thing of the past.
As new smartphones continuously roll out we are constantly making sure that our platform works on all the newest models and operating systems. To stay ahead of the game, we’ve done lots of research on the future of smartphones, and have come across some pretty cool designs and concepts that we thought would be fun to share. Enjoy our look into the future of smartphones (hopefully your current phone doesn’t get too jealous)!

Mozilla Seabird

Mozilla has no plans of actually building this community-driven phone concept, but how cool would it be if your smartphone could do some of these things?

Windows Transparent Phone Concept

Nokia Kinetic

A phone that stands up as it’s being called. IT’S ALIVE!

Nokia Morph

This phone is definitely some years away, but it offers great flexibility, in the literal sense too.

Apple Black Hole

Seems like something straight out of star wars huh?

Blackberry Empathy

Smartphones already integrate with our calendars, music, movies and more, but reading our emotions…that would bring it to a whole new level.

Schultz Triple Flip for Windows

This phone seems a little more realistic than some designs above, maybe we’ll see it on the market soon?

Line Phone

Buttons would become a thing of the past if this phone were to hit the market.

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